Merriam-Webster Dictionary App revisa

O melhor!

Melhor dicionário para english speakers!


Ótimo dicionário!!!

Great job

Absolutely superb


Glad to use

Merriem webster

Superb Harika enfes my precious

Five star app

I love this app! I read a lot of old books that use words I am not familiar with. This app sits right beside me and I can easily look them up to understand their full meaning. It has opened my mind to a whole new world of words! It is easy to use and makes me feel smart!

Since, verses sense

My auntie Ilean texted me and I felt compelled to give her a quick lesson in the difference between the two words, because she had used the word sense, rather than since. She is 77, I’m 67.

Nice app

Helps with school work and helps with learning english🙄👌🏻

Awesome app

This is a great app for everyone, even for me.Because sometimes it’s a hassle to buy things that you need or, sometimes you don’t have time. You might say that, oh it’s just waisting space but it’s not, google and things like that, don’t give accurate answers for children and even us adults. This does is an awesome app. It gives accurate answers I recommend it.

reference & learning tool

a great reference and learning tool which is also fun

My handy reference!

I love this electronic dictionary! I enjoy receiving the Word of the Day. I also appreciate the convenience of having a dictionary and thesaurus on my tablet that I can refer to whenever I have the slightest insecurity about the meaning or use of a word.

Fun and educational!

Aside from the dictionary, I love the word games and word of the day!

Love the word of the day

Love the word of the day on this app.

Good app

I’ve been using the app for years, is it perfect? No but it is very easy to use and as a amateur writer this app has given me many ways of saying the same thing so that my writing doesn’t become redundant. Words are strengthening to the mind and soul. Learning to be articulate can take one placed they never dreamed possible.


This is really helping me for a science project that I have to complete. I have to do so many definitions, it is insane.. Why Mr.G

Very interesting

Interesting and educational

Great to have as a reference

I use this app almost every day. I play word games and need to check spelling alot and this is so handy. Or in paperwork, letters etc., it is a great tool. We always need our dictionary!


Wonderful resource!

Great App

I’ve had this app for years but never used it, sad to say. I am quite impressed with the ease of use especially the feature of putting synonyms within the definitions and accessing with a touch. Love the size of the fonts. It’s worth five stars!

Bad dictionary

I can’t here the man say the word

Great mental exercise

Quizzes are fun. I enjoy learning new words and seeing old words I’ve not used recently.

The best online dictionary

I use it all the time, it’s great!!!

4 years

I have been learning vocabulary from this app since 4 years! It’s reliable and fruitful!


For the love of all that is good in this world, please remove sound from your ads. I don't mind at all supporting your exceptional app through ads, but frantically scrambling to turn off the volume in the middle of class for the occasional ad with blaring audio is obnoxious. Regardless, this is one of my favorite apps.

It’s a good app, but has a fatal bug

I’ve used this app for a long time and I love it. But recently I’m finding that it keeps freezing (especially when scrolling sideways to the next or previous word). The freezes are not temporary. I have to quit the app and enter it again, then type my search again. The bug occurs again in half a minute. I’m on iOS 12.0.0, iPhone 7. I’ll continue using the app, and am writing so the developers can fix it.


I absolutely love this dictionary app. The games are challenging and I enjoy getting my word of the day notification. I also like how easy it is to use it. Definitely recommend this app. Worth the 1.99 per year🤓

very usefull

it is simple and well made. it is overall easy to use and i LOVE it!!!!!

Nuisance Game ads

Just awful. I deleted it. Far cry from when I had it on my iPhone 4

Essential tool

I love this app and use it all the time. I work crossword puzzles and not a terrific speller. It is a must for use on my iPad. So much easier than grabbing a dictionary!

Only the best

When I got this app I thought I was gonna be just another dictionary app, well I was wrong this dictionary app helps me with my schoolwork and all my homework.when I don’t know how to spell something, I look to this app so all who are looking for a new a great dictionary app look no further Meriden Webster is the way to go

Audio doesn’t work

I like to know whether I’m pronouncing a word correctly or not. However, the app only lets me press the audio button once and then it no longer works. The only solution is to close the app and reopen it. However, that’s annoying. Overall, the app is fine but that got really annoying

Helpful and fun for word nerds

This app provides a good basic dictionary and thesaurus as well as an assortment of word games for the linguistically inclined.

Wonderful App

I love word games and this app helps so much. Love it?

No More Back Button, Way More Adds

I often like to chase down the etymology of words and related words and then go back a few words and go to another branch and so on. But I can’t do this with this app anymore because the “back” button is gone. And the adds have gotten way worse. Not just banners anymore, but full screen pop-ups. Going that crazy with adds is the one thing that will simply lose me as a user. I understand they’ve got to make money, but when they just keep pushing so far to try to annoy you into upgrading, that’s when they lose me. I feel like it’s disrespectful to try to annoy your users like that, so I’ll find a different app.

Thorough App

Thesaurus, Origin, Previous Searches and Word of the Day enable a use to truly learn new words and retain their meanings.

This is the best dictionary out there

Very easy to use 😎

Gaining knowledge

Love the annunciation of the words. I definitely have increased my vocabulary!

Great App

This is a great app!!!

Keep it simple

I like how simple words can be used. Keep up the great job. Speaker system is nice to have Useful and fast

Very useful

Words are explained simply. Even English beginners can understand

Increase vocabulary

I do a lot of reading. When I come across a word for which I don’t know the definition, it’s so convenient to just grab my phone and open this app. I still have old fashion hard back dictionaries one my book shelf, and I do occasionally use them. But I love the convenience of this app.

Pronunciation doesn’t work very often

The pronunciation button only seems to work once a session and stops after the first word. All the suggested workarounds on the website don’t help. Force-quitting the app works for the first word and then stops. Please fix!


Has lots of great games and quizzes in addition to definitions.

Good app

It’s a helpful app and I like that it provides clear explanations and examples for each word.


Love it! Easy to use and easy assess when needed.


Use frequently, handy to be sure I understand words come across with everyday reading. Love the audible pronunciation feature.


Very handy. Love the word of the day.

To Merriam-Webster

Love it! I love the word game. I have learned the definition of many words in Merriam- Webster dictionary, which helps me to clear the cobwebs in the back of my mind, and gain a clear understanding when I am reading. Many Thanks!

Great on hand dictionary

Very good dictionary, have used it first in hardcopy from elementary school decades ago, and its electronic development is ver useful, plus the daily word and quizzes are fun to have. Thanks!

Retired Engineer

I prefer Merriam-Webster for use as a reliable dictionary and Thesaurus a reliable source of the origin of words and the appropriate use in a sentence.

Testing My Brain

I enjoy everything about the app. It is very helpful when I need a word to fit a circumstance; when I need to refresh my knowledge of the definition of a word or to hear the pronunciation to be sure I am saying it correctly. The games are challenging and informative.

Improve our vocabulary.

After using the app, I’ve retained many new words. Each words of the day is used in examples and the app offers quizzes to test your knowledge.


I’m so glad I have this useful tool to help me keep my mind sharp. I play at least one game every morning and have felt an improvement in my vocabulary. Thank you!

Great app

This app is great for school and especially for reading class or social studies👍🏼

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