Merriam-Webster Dictionary App Reviews

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Im always using this!! Go to app!


Great app. Wish the "did know?" was always display when you look up others words other than just the word of the day. I enjoy fun facts. So if I saved a favorite word I would like to have all the info when I look it up again.

Just plain and simple and very good

Always delivers


Learning new words and their meaning has helped me to improve myself; especially by finding what is getting in the way of my growth. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary explains the meaning of each word with precision, and a delicate sense of propriety that honors reality and education. The makers of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary has increased my well-being and I am grateful. I thank thee much.


Very good app. Occasional bug crashes but the quizzes and daily words are lots of fun.

Its the best

Love the word of the day feature now !

The Best

I guess the title explains it all .... A must-have for students .... A big thumbs up

Best app ever!

It improved a lot my vocabulary!

Great dictionary!

Very great instrument for identifying slight differences between words and seeking synonyms.


I love this app, especially the Word if the Day and the Quiz. I would recommend it to anyone!

Fabulous App!

Definitely perfect and practical app ! Love it ❤️

Super awesome

Very useful!

A great dictionary!

Love this dictionary. When I taught English, it was on my recommended list!


Everything is good but the IPA written pronounciation is wrong in a considerable number of words

Super fun memory games

Memory+. Vocabulary+. Fun+. Quick. Painless+. Self accomplishment+ Whats not to like?

Incredibly useful

Everything is great, and I really love the word of the day feature. I only wish I could favorite a word of the day directly from its word of the day page rather than have to look it up separately to do so.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Very, very good app. It helps me out a lot and I have learned a lot from it! It has fun games that help strengthen your brain power! I recommend this app for 10+, however, because of you type in one letter, innocently trying to search for a word that you found in your Harry Potter book, (

Best Dictionary

I have been using Webster dictionary all my life and it never ceases to amaze me with its preciseness and innovative nature that simply makes it the best dictionary. I especially love the new quizzes to help you learn new vocabulary.

Definitely my go-to dictionary app!

So helpful with quick definitions, examples, and synonyms at your fingertips. Plus the word of the day makes me smarter Ha Ha

Great app for the wordsmith!!

A delight!

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